Real Housewives of New Jersey

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Real Housewives of New Jersey. Poor Teresa Giudice. She started out a fairly ok person-character in the early episodes of RHONJ. Kind of exactly what we expected from New Jersey. Gaudy but momentarily funny slash insane. She coined the word prostitutionwhore, as in a noun. She flipped tables while screaming in her New Jersey bred Eyetalian English. We liked her.

But that’s over. Now she’s turned into that simpleton savage who finds fame and moneys and begins to rot from the inside out exactly like a bad apple. If it’s a species, I call it the American Peasant. Perhaps because immigrants possess a necessary story of working towards something “better” it causes them to unknowingly transmit a culture of materialism to their kids. For the majority materialism signifies success. Success is money. There are no levels of critical thinking involved, no levels of spirituality though much relic and ritual to God.

So though these sons and daughters are raised in American Cities they might as well be growing up in that small village, outside the little town of a poor struggling part of the world. Gossiping. Arguing about virginity. Accusing one another of plotting. They are still seeing only the small picture. There is no world view or hope for evolving. Or even a sense of self unless it can be backed up by cattle or a house with a toilet.

Tons o cash lets a lifetime of insecurity get in the driver’s seat and a- careening the audience goes into a world of self-obsession. Every thing Teresa does in life now is a strike back at the world. You thought I was worthless? Look at my gross, faux Baroque, cheaply made and expensive furniture. You thought I had a big nose? Look at the expensive clothes I wear. Nothing in her life is executed for real personal realization. Or even love. And because she’s totally uneducated she thinks no one sees her doth protesting too much. Arguing about who is hotter in a bikini? What! You are a mother of four young girls. Set an example! But she is. The same one set for her and before that too. And unless these girls get a glimpse of something else that titillates, until they can escape their marbled cages, they’re doomed to repeat the illiterate mistakes of narcissism, like a gene, through generations to come.

Dear Teresa. Expand your mind. There is more to life than what you hold sacred. Despite using the word “family” like a bullet to attack everyone around you, you do not care about family. Not a single action you’ve taken is for the love of family. You love yourself. You love materials. You love your daughters because they are animated dolls that show off your materials. Why go insane on your cousin Kathy about your motherhood? You are not a mother. Sorry. But there’s still time. If you can have some moment of enrichment. If you actually study the teachings of Jesus you’d see he’d be very very disappointed with mother Teresa Giudice.

Because right now, you are a racist pig, you are selfish human, and you need to process that your husband is not your brother and your brother is not your husband. Dig? All sisters gotta let go at wife time. It’s the civilized thing to do. You aren’t supposed to compete with your sister-in-law over who has a better ass (she does) or who looks hotter in a bikini (she does).

Listen to what Melissa, your brother Joe, Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy are saying to you. Many people can relate to all the things you might feel: embarassment, shame, competition, pettiness but we were 15 years old .

You are 100% wrong and they are at least 75% right.